Bridge LOANS

Capex is able to provide bridge loans due to our large Rolodex of lenders that offer investors financing at extremely competitive rates. We will work closely with you to get to know the project goals. Once we have a full understanding of your project, we create a package that clearly conveys your vision to lenders in a way that gets you funded as quickly as possible. We will deliver several options, many of which offer aggressive leverage and pricing depending on the asset class.

Why a bridge loan? 

Bridge loans are short-term financing that can be used by a company until they can secure permanent financing or satisfy  an existing obligation. This allows the company to meet current its obligations by infusing their balance sheet with providing immediate capital. Loans have short terms, up to one year and are usually backed by real estate or inventory as a form of collateral. 

These loans are effective tools for acquisitions or refinances and are available for:

• office buildings
• fix and flips
• retail properties
• multifamily housing
• industrial properties.

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